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The District

A new Regional Livestock Exchange will provide the opportunity for the district to become an important part of the series of similar centres being planned by Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited. Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited will promote the facility to attract more buyers and more sellers thus increasing the turnover.

The new RLX will form the foundation needed to attract other agribusinesses to the region. A business plan would be developed in conjunction with local councils and interested parties to identify suitable opportunities.

The long term benefits resulting from the introduction of Palisade Regional Infrastructure Fund as a major investor in the district cannot be overstated.


Maximising selling prices for producers would be a key objective for Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited.

For example soft floors for cattle and pavilion roofing will provide better presentation of animals and more comfortable conditions for buyers which will normally result in higher selling prices.

A significant part of Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited’s operating budget is allowed for promotion and marketing. Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited will encourage the development of closer working relationships with a wider range of buyers and meat processors.

It has been shown that careful handling to MSA standard procedures will result in higher prices. Training will be provided to all people involved in stock handling including transport operators and sale yard staff. MSA certification will be sought.

Efficient management is the key to maximising the benefit to producers. Successfully operated yards have shown that stock will be attracted from long distances if the prices and net returns to producers are right.

It is intended that a Web Site will be provided to enable producers who do not attend the sale to view their stock being sold.


Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited will work closely with both agents and producers to encourage greater stock numbers, longer lines of stock, better presentation, the elimination of lameness caused by inappropriate flooring, reduced bruising and dark cutting through improved design and handling, pre-weighing where possible and improved buyer comfort and visibility.

Cattle YardsRegional Infrastructure Pty Limited will work with Meat
Standards Australia to ensure best practice methods
are used to handle stock from “paddock to plate”
thereby further reducing the incidence of bruising and
dark cutting.

The selling pavilions will be covered for more
comfortable working conditions and better presentation
of stock. All cattle will be on soft floors.

Full details of the stock available for purchase can be provided ahead of time for buyer convenience. It is intended that information on sale prices in other markets in the Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited RLX network will be made available electronically in real time.

The pen layouts will be designed to maximise selling efficiency and minimise stress on animals.

Adequate agistment facilities will be provided.

There will be air conditioned offices and a cafeteria available for buyers’ use.

Stock Agents

Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited considers Stock Agents as their main customer and will endeavour to make it attractive for them to conduct their business at the new facility.

Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited will work with the different stakeholders to set up the most suitable management structure. Normally Stock Agents would be responsible for the efficient running of the facility.

Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited would provide a professional executive to manage financial and coordination responsibilities. This executive would preferably be a local person with extensive knowledge of the existing market and have the people skills to cater for all stakeholder needs. Additional staff will be provided to maintain the facilities.

Financial resources will be available on a cost justifiable basis. That is, if the expenditure can be shown to result in better prices or lower costs then money will be made available. An upgrade and maintenance budget will be agreed each year for normal work.

Long term Business, Marketing and Operations Plans will be developed in conjunction with the Stock Agents Association.

Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited will perform marketing and promotional activities in conjunction with Stock Agents to expand the market reach.

Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited will confer with Stock Agents during the design stage to ensure the facility meets their requirements. Appropriate resources and conditions will be provided by Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited.

Stock Agents will be provided with modern comfortable offices, with a cafeteria, from which to conduct their business.


Particular care will be taken to ensure maximum efficiency in animal handling.

The receival and despatch facilities will be designed to reduce the amount of waiting time. Electric ramps will be provided for large trucks. Ample manual ramps and dump gates will be available. Aprons, parking areas and access roads will be fully bitumened. Pen layouts and stock flow design will allow stock to be removed immediately after sale.

Key transport operators will be invited to participate in the design of the receival and despatch areas.

Consideration will be given to coordinating the truck arrival times where practical.

A new Truck Wash service area will be built to make the washing of trucks easy and expedient.

A modern amenities building including showering and washing facilities will be incorporated for truck driver ablutions.

A cafeteria will be provided.

Extensive Agistment facilities will be provided which will enable aggregation and marshalling of stock.

Access to the facilities will be available 24 hours by Avdata key.

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