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Andrew McCarron

Business Development

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Dan Muller


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Building better saleyards across rural Australia.

Regional Infrastructure Pty Limited has been formed to develop a network of modern Regional Livestock Exchanges (RLXs).

  • Regional Infrastructure Pty Ltd, responsible for business development, operation and management.
  • Palisade's Regional Infrastructure Fund (PRIF), responsible for finance and ownership.

The group offers to build, operate and manage new modern livestock saleyards at strategic locations where the stock numbers justify a significant multi million dollar investment.

The first of these RLXs is the Central Tablelands Livestock Exchange near Blayney in Central NSW and is now operational, replacing the outdated sale yards at Orange, Blayney and Bathurst. The new facility, costing in excess of $18 million, houses approx. 4,000 head of cattle and 24,000 head of sheep under cover. It will have the fourth biggest throughput in NSW.

Regional Infrastructure Pty Ltd is investigating a number of similar opportunities where the council owned sale yards are under pressure from:

  • Health and Safety problems
  • Environmental standards
  • Animal welfare issues
  • Encroaching housing and industrial development.
  • The need to spend large capital amounts on modernisation
  • The need to cater for the new Meat Standards Australia (MSA) requirement
  • The need to provide room for complementary agricultural businesses

Regional Infrastructure Pty Ltd is mindful of the need to work closely with the agricultural community of producers, buyers, stock agents, transporters and local citizens in its endeavour to build a successful business.

Open communications is core to our business approach.

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